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Hi, I'm Kelly the Head Honcho (ok, the only honcho!) here at Berger & Stuff.

I am a later-to-life artist who first picked up a paintbrush around 3 years ago and hasn't looked back (well I can't anyway because there is usually paint-hair in my face and my hands are too covered in pastel chalk to brush it away!). 

I have an Italian concreter husband (cliché, but true!), two daughters who.never. stop.dancing, a non-french French bulldog called Hank and 16 indoor plants (at the last body count). 


         Over the last couple of years I have been creating quirky family portraits, with a bit of my semi-abstract landscape work thrown in for creative measure. 

There is one common theme though, and that is colour - I can't get enough of the stuff (my home interior style is probably defined as 'rainbow that had babies').

My ultimate art career is quite simple: in between tending to my veggie garden and soon-to-arrive chickens (yep, I'm a wannabe live-off-the-land gal in a dream world), I just want enough time to be able to paint with abandon and colour whilst my girls are in school/care.

Oh, and also try to be a civil and caring wife to my long suffering husband! 

I am really grateful that life has taken me on this path and allowed art to become my full time career and business.

*It is something I never dreamed of, because I didn't even know it was a possibility.*

Dream Big. Work Harder.
x Kelly

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